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Warranty Policy

With a valid proof of purchase, the following warranty is provided to the original buyer of window treatments that are properly installed in the original window. This warranty is provided as an addition to any warranty extended by product manufacturers sold under specific brands.

Extent of warranty coverage as following: 

  • Manufacturer defects and shipping damage. Please note that this should be reported within five calendar days in order to be considered under the warranty coverage.
  • Materials, operating mechanisms (including cords and ladders) and other parts are under coverage for limited lifetime warranty. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following: 

  • Product failure due to any of the following:
    • Improper installation (if window treatments installed by client), operation or cleaning
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Excessive exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture
    • Damage from children, pets or insects
    • Improper cleaning
    • Alteration of any kind
  • Variations in texture, construction or natural product colors, slight warping of wood products and natural color changes to materials that take place over time.
  • Products that exceed size recommendations or are outside product specifications

Resolution of Warranty Issues 

  • Repair or Replace: Nationsblinds.com team will decide, at its discretion, whether the product will be repaired or replaced.
  • Product Discontinuation: If a product replacement is needed for a discontinued product still under warranty, Nationsblinds.com will provide a substitute product that matches as closely as possible. In the event that there are multiple products in the same room, only the defective product will be repaired or replaced. Every effort will be made to match the original specifications.
  • Shipping Costs: After a one-year period, customers are responsible for any cost of shipping associated with warranty repair.
  • After Warranty Expiration
    • After expiration of warranty, most products can still be repaired for additional charge.
    • In most cases, a repair kit with the necessary components and instructions to operate the repair can be sent to the customer. Additional charge may apply.

Resolution Procedures: Please email us at info@nationsblinds.com with your original order number. This warranty overrules all other stated warranties, written or oral. In no event, Nationsblinds.com could be held liable for incidental or consequential damages that may result from any defect in product or breach of this warranty. Nationsblinds.com reserves its right to inspect any part or component before replacements. For repair or replacement to be made, an invoice of purchase, or other payment record verifying the original purchase date must be presented. The exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages may vary according to state of purchase, therefore the above limitations or exclusions may not be applicable to you.



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